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The Loathsome Ratmen

The Loathsome Ratmen

by Wilhelm Leiber (2005)

Description: Very nice copy of this guide to the race of Ratmen also known as the Skaven.. Published by Pocket Books 2005 Near Fine Condition. In our Fayette store. Item Format: Paperback

Synopsis: In the dark world of Warhammer, mankind is beset by danger from all sides. From the sewers and drains crawl the ratmen, filthy beasts of fur and claw, killers, spreaders of disease: the skaven! Long have they desired to subdue the people of the Old World, and even as their power rises, most men remain blind to it. But a few have the courage and foresight to recognise the peril. One such man is the scholar Wilhelm Leiber. This is his book, covering all the aspects and habits of the revolting skaven: their physiology, their methods of war and his projected plans on how to deal with the rising menace, with many accompanying pictures and sketches. Many believe Leiber was a maniac, a paranoid fool whose work has no basis in fact. We think otherwise. Read 'The Loathsome Ratmen And All Their Vile Kin' and learn for yourself the secrets of the skaven!

  • Condition: Used - Fine/Like New
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  • Format: Paperback
  • Date: 2005
  • Listing Date: 02/22/2019