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Ray Bradbury - Signed Letter

Ray Bradbury Signed Letter

by Ray Bradbury (1971)

Description: In this type-written, hand-signed letter, legendary Science Fiction author, Ray Bradbury writes back to Mr. Hahn regarding the names of songs used in Bradbury's play, "Dandelion Wine." Bradbury regrets not being able to locate the book from which he pulled the song lyrics for his play but confirms they are civil war era. Also included is Mr. Hahn's subsequent response letter in which he tells of researching the songs at the library and tracking down the books that contain them. Mr. Hahn's initial interest in the songs was due to his involvement in staging a production of "Dandeliion Wine" in Minnesota. The letters come in Bradbury's letter's envelope, with his letterhead: "Bradbury 10265 cheboit drive los angeles, calif. 90064". Published by NA 1971 Near Fine Condition. In our Maplewood store. Item Format: Other

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  • Format: Other
  • Date: 1971
  • Listing Date: 04/23/2019
  • Sold By: HPB Maplewood
  • Ships From: MN, United States
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