Mary Kay on People Management

Mary Kay On People Management

Mary Kay Inc. is recognized today as an international, multibillion-dollar corporation with millions of Independent Beauty Consultants in nearly 40 countries. Mary Kay Ash founded this exceptional success in 1963 with just nine saleswomen in Dallas. Her astounding business acumen was based on commitments to high-quality products and the Golden Rule. Her unique management style is rooted simply in, �Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.� Mary Kay treated everyone, at every level, with the same fairness and consideration, and she taught this signature management style to others. How did this philosophy affect the company�s bottom line? Sales soared. Profits rose. Mary Kay Inc. is one of the most impressive successes in the history of American cosmetics. In Mary Kay on People Management, Mary Kay explains her philosophy on inspiring both people and profits; on applying the Golden Rule to all aspects of management: hiring, motivating, maximizing productivity and more; and most importantly, on proving that the rewards can be enormous when P&L not only means profit and loss but also people and love. Whether you are a manager or plan to be one, Mary Kay on People Management will help you refine your people skills and your business � and personal � relationships. Mary Kay proves that her philosophies apply in today�s hard-driving, competitive business environment. Mary Kay on People Management shows you how!

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