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Our stories read the same, but our prices don’t.

Online pricing policy

Prices on HPB.com may vary from those you find at Half Price Books and Half Price Books Outlets. The costs associated with offering, storing, and shipping books and holding them in stores vary depending on store location, warehouse, and other factors. Additionally, local stores may offer promotions, sales and other events that do not apply to purchases made on HPB.com.

HPB.com may provide some merchandise that is sold by third-party marketplace sellers. Half Price Books does not set these prices, as they are under full control and determination of the seller.

In-store pricing policy

The great majority of books and other items we sell in stores are priced at half the current list price or less. Here are some exceptions:

  • Select current releases and other NEW items
  • COLLECTIBLES and out-of-print materials

How to determine an item's price

  • HARDBACK BOOKS and TRADE EDITIONS are priced in stores with our sticker or in pencil. These include books purchased from the public and publishers’ special closeouts.
  • POCKET-SIZE PAPERBACKS (4-1/8” x 6-3/4”) are half the publisher’s cover price unless marked otherwise.
  • COMIC BOOKS are half price unless marked otherwise.
  • MEDIA and GAME items are priced individually with our sticker.

We cannot sell items with altered prices or damaged price stickers.

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